Dear Racecool tech support:
A friend recommended Racecool to me because my High Performance 390FE Ford runs especially hot during the summer months here in Sacramento California. On average my engine runs between 190 degrees & 210 degrees depending on the air temperature & traffic that day. I have gone to great lengths to keep my operating temp down on this 390FE engine, spending hundreds & hundreds of dollars on oversize radiator, high volume water pump, electric cooling fans, water wetter, all these things helped but did not resolve the problem. I put Racecool in my 67 GT Fastback Mustang & boy what a difference. My normal operating temp now is 170 degree’s & I have not seen the temp gauge above 180 degrees even in stop & go traffic. Granted summer is over here in Northern California but there is an obvious difference in operating temperature. Racecool resolved my cooling problems & I think it is a great product , I will recommend it to others.
Dan L, Sacramento

To the team at Racecool,
A couple of years ago I was constantly fighting temperature problems in my 66 AC Cobra. I’m running a bored and stroked 427 FE Ford big block  that in the past would constantly over heat while sitting at stop lights, in traffic or idling into car shows.  This was a constant frustration, I tried many brands of coolant additives to try and solve my problem, no luck. When I heard about Racecool I called and spoke with your technical support representative about my problem.  I guess the best way to explain the results of Racecool is to say that I now run Racecool in all of my hot rods. Thanks for solving my coolant problems!
Mike F, Portland, Oregon

Dear Racecool:
I have a 1971 SS Chevelle with a 454 big block which I recently completed a frame off restoration on.  The motor was completely rebuilt and I wanted to make sure I ran the best fluids in the motor.  I heard about Racecool from my friend who is using it in several of his hotrods with great results.  After consulting with the technical staff at Racecool, I was more than convinced that I would run Racecool in my newly rebuilt motor.
I spend a lot of time on the back roads and the drag strip. I run the car hard and it’s been running great now for close to a year, thanks for the great product and support.
Yours truly,
Mark C, Oregon

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